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Baked shrimp toast

Baked Shrimp Toast

I feel a bit shrimpy these days.  In fact, I feel shrimpy every day and that’s because I love shrimps,  for whatever reasons.  But guess you’d already know that.  Their ugly curved body shape surprisingly has the ability to translate into great flavour when paired with anything, everything.  That’s because with the freshest shrimps (and they come in all shapes and sizes S-M-L-XL), you can absolutely taste their shrimpy sweetness.  So delightful 🙂 , don’t you think? This is a dim sum favourite…BUT…not my favourite.  WHAT?  Then why bother? Ok, let me rephrase – it’s not my favourite when it’s served at the dim sum restaurant.  That’s because they literally taste like a bag of grease. I’m serious!  Every mouthful was torture and tasted greasy.  What shrimp? Yea, I can feel the shrimp but I can’t taste it.  All I taste is oil and grease.  No offence to shrimp toast lovers but secretly I was hoping that I got a bad bad batch.  But that was the last batch I’ve tried because from then on, it’s bye …

Glutinous rice

Dim Sum Classic: Steamed Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf

“I (heartily) HEART ❤️ DIM SUM, but who doesn’t, right?”  Dim Sum, is a universally-loved Chinese brunch where meals are prepared and served in small bite-sized portions and shared.  Most of the dishes are either baked, steamed or fried – traditionally served on trolleys where hot dim sum baskets are stacked for diners to choose and order. Dim sum is often associated with yum cha because chinese tea is usually served during dim sum. “Sundays are my favourite Dim Sum days where time just stops.  I love to enjoy a slow, relaxed time with my family while sipping hot tea and gently nibbling on dim sum bites” Here in Melbourne, dim sum is served from 11am as brunch.  In other parts of the world like Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, dim sum is served from as early as 6-7am as breakfast.  To the elderly, it is our Chinese tradition to get together with friends for dim sum after their early morning exercises. Here’s a few of my favourite dim sum dishes – har gao (prawn dumpling), shu mai (pork dumpling), lor mai kai (chicken …