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Burp! has undergone surgery

Hi everyone…if you check out Burp! today, you will notice that Burp! has gone through some strip and surgery.  Eyup, clutter is out, minimalist is in and Burp! has undergone some transformation. I hope you will like my new look and continue to check out the postings.  Looking forward to hear more from you 🙂 Ciao.

French Toast Rollups

French Toast Rollups

So many things happened lately.  I’ve received a fair bit of bad news and some not so bad.  It’s been overwhelming.  Work has been crazy – really crazy.  So, that explains the slow posting and my absence over the last week.  Whatever happened, I’m crossing my fingers and stay positive. Lately, I’m was drawn to “dark, moody” photography just like how the season here has changed from beautiful summer to moody fall (with withering sunshines).  I was reading a lot of blog tutorials and admiring lots of beautiful moody photographs.  It does look easy with explanation, but in reality, it’s not.  So, I’m just going to practice until I get the perfect shot.  My obsession over “dark, moody” photography, has got me to the point of moving things around the house to find “the light” too 🙂  Luckily hubby hasn’t utter any displeasure yet *phew* Anyways, ever had French Toast Rollups?  I’ve not, but thanks to Teacher by Day, Chef by Night I had the opportunity to try it. Basically, it’s French Toast rolled with fruit or …

… Wishing you a Very Berry Merry Christmas

Six months have passed since the birth of Burp! Appetit and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  I want to thank all of you for the support, encouragement and kind words that you have written in this blog.  Burp! has brought back two of my passion and that is photography and eating. My new year resolution is to continue to find exciting places to write about, try more recipes, improve my writing and photography and hope that you will enjoy reading my blog.  I wish everyone all the very best and may your dreams come true!  XoXoXo

Ramen or Ramen Burger : Shizuku

Heard about the Ramen Burger craze that shook New York when it debuted? Ever since I read about this, I was very excited to try it because it sounds weird but interesting.  Imagine a burger patty sandwiched between two “burger” made of ramen … hmm … Customer reviews have given mixed feelings about this modern Japanese interpretation of a simple burger.  So, was it over-rated ? We shall see … To experience this, we head to Shizuku, the one & only Japanese restaurant in Melbourne that serve ramen burger.  The menu boasts a good variety of modern Japanese snacks Izakaya-style.  One of which that I was attracted to was the modernised Cheesy Nori Snacks – basically it’s a fancy name for baked cheese wrapped in seaweed “nori” sheets and sprinkled with chilli powder.  Overall taste was ok but I wasn’t really game for the texture which has soften in the process of the baking. Cheesy Nori Snacks $8 Shizuku’s interpretation of gyoza comes with four different types of dressing – flavours range from tangy, spicy, sweet …