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R.A.W #7 – Strawberries & Happy V-Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! To all the love birds out there, this is a special day to celebrate your undying love and hopes for each other.  As for me, I’m saying them with fresh, red, juicy strawberries.  Why not?  It’s red and it’s shaped like a big love heart 🙂 In Australia, strawberries are farmed all year round in the Australian regions.  We are very lucky! My family absolutely adores strawberry.  Whether you eat it as breakfast in fruit salads or with fresh cereal or yoghurt, it is delicious.  Strawberries can also add a tinge of colour and flavour in champagne for that special occasion.  If you want to have a sexy and romantic night, say it with strawberries dust in icing sugar or dipped in chocolate fondue.  So, whether it’s the night before or the morning after, why not say “I love you” with fresh, juicy, red, sweet strawberries…


R.A.W #6 – Spices & Have a Spicy Saturday

Spices are such wonderful ingredients to photograph.  So colourful, textural and aromatic.  Spices are used in a lot of Asian and Middle East cooking for braising, soup stock, flavouring dishes like curries and may more.  They’re also popular ingredients to spice up beverages or desserts too! Spices are used in small quantity as they are very intense and may overpower the hero of the dish. One of the places that has been in my bucket list for a long time is the Spice Market in Morocco.  I think I’d go mad with excitement, going through labyrinth of stalls after stalls packed with beautiful colours, wonderful-smelling spices and mysterious lanes. Food for thought – So, what would food or beverages taste like without spices? or what would the world be like without spices? Have a wonderful Spicy Saturday, everyone!


R.A.W #5 – Asparagus & Chinese New Year

Asparagus is a spring vegetable – it’s long with a unique looking “flower” head.  In Australia, it’s available from September through to March.  There are 3 kinds of asparagus – green, white and purple, with the green asparagus widely available at most grocers and most affordable one also. Asparagus is easy to cook and is very versatile – you can steam, bake, stir fry or barbecued. I like to stir-fry asparagus with Sambal Belachan – the “Malaysian” way. It’s super super delicious and so easy to make.  Heat up the wok with oil and when the oil is hot, toss in some shallots and stir fry until fragrant.  Then put in the asparagus and fry until slightly soften.  Put 2 tbsp of home-made or store-bought Sambal Belachan and coat well.  Stir-fry until you can taste slight burn from the sambal (I like it slightly burnt but you can remove it earlier if you like).  Remove from wok and serve.  To add more drama and texture to the dish, add fried shrimps or fresh prawns. And … Gong Xi …


R.A.W #4 – Cherries & Australia Day

Happy Australia Day everyone! To those of you who don’t know what an Australia Day is, it’s the official National Day of Australia.  During this day, we celebrate the many great works achieved by Australians around the world.  To some of us, this day means “Bring out the barby, mates!”  So, while you’re busy sizzling yummy Australian beef or lamb, don’t forget to finish off with some sweet and juicy Australian cherries. Australian cherries are found in abundance during summer from November through to February. Best enjoyed in many ways such as a lunchbox treat, quick snack at home or with friends in your summer picnic.  It’s also packed with a lot of antioxidants that brings huge nutritional values.  If you choose not to eat as a fruit, you can also process them into pies, cakes, jam or chutney etc. So, when you’re out celebrating Australia Day, don’t forget to pack some cherries and enjoy the summer moments!


R.A.W #3 – Carrot & Mid-week Syndrome

It’s Wednesday and I’m experiencing a mid-week syndrome.  Wednesday – a day that is neither close to the coming weekend nor far from last.  But on a positive note, we will be celebrating Australia Day this weekend and that’s a good long weekend for us 🙂 I remembered when I was young, my mom used to feed me carrots and lots of carrots – she told me that carrots are good for my eyes.  That’s true – except that I was a not a very good girl because I like to read in bad lighting condition and that didn’t really help 🙂 Carrots can be eaten in multiple ways – I like mine roasted with red onion and a good spread of butter, olive oil and honey for sweet butter-ish after-roast caramelisation.  Then season with some thyme (love the smell of thyme) for that mild tangy flavour. So, do share, how do you like your carrots cooked?


R.A.W #2 – Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctors away, but, without an Apple a day, photographers will be turned away! Geez, I’m just blabbering away – it’s a beautiful Saturday in Melbourne.  Temperature has dropped to a cooling 20’s after a week of high, unbearable 40’s.  Most of all, Bubbles (my furry poodle) was jumping for joy – we were unprepared during the week of heat and he suffered the most due to his fur – felt like wearing a fur coat during summer! My lil’ one loves apple.  I pack an apple a day into her lunch box every day.  As one of the most popular fruits in the planet, apples boast a lot of health benefits that is proven to reduce a host of illnesses.  It’s versatility has also promoted many ways of cooking apple – if not eaten fresh, it can be baked, spiced, sauced and juiced. So, enjoy an apple today and have a blessed Saturday everyone!

Bok Choy RAW

Introducing R.A.W – A Photography Project

Some of you might have recalled of my personal interest and obsession with food photography last year and guess what, it still is this year.   Yes I am serious about this and for once, I am staying true to my New Year Resolution.  At that time, I recalled as Playing with Food Photography series.  So, after a few months, my interest has evolved a little more and Playing with Food is now R.A.W R.A.W is all about photographing food uncooked and at their most natural state.  Not only that, it sounds better too 🙂  Through photography, I hope to create something artful and beautiful with food and improving my skills at the same time.  I will account my progress, journey and learning through this blog and Flickr. My first attempt … #1 – Bok Choy I love bok choy.  It is one of the easiest, most versatile vegetable to cook and most readily available in any markets throughout the year.  Bok choy can be steamed, stir-fried, blanched or boiled. Anything is possible.  Bok choy comes in baby size …

Luna Park merry go round

Of Luna Park & My Favourite Things

Time really flies.  I’m not sure why – perhaps it’s just the way we spent them.  I like to spend Sundays just winding down the tempo and do fun stuff or do nothing at all.  So, as part of our promise to lil’ one, we brought her to Luna Park and we spent a good half day just doing fun stuff and next half of the day, doing nothing at all…well…almost. I, on the other hand was mulling over some of my favourite stuff which are inspirational and interesting.  So, here they are – 36 Homemade Popsicle recipes to try this summer Inspirational account of life with beautiful photography here Backdrop, backdrop and backdrop In love with moody low-key photography Gawking at the props and styling For the freshest, cheapest fruit & vegetables, buy them in-season and try the recipes here The good, the bad and the ugly that cracks me up Singing to the tune of Let it Go – totally addictive Well, that’s it…have a yet another Happy Sunday!  

{Playing with Food #1} New Spoons & Favourite Ingredients

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great weekend so far.  For me, all’s good except the gloomy weather in Melbourne.  I was really wishing that the sunny spring will be here but seemed to me that this dull cold weather will be here to stay. Today I want to share with you my new chinese spoons which I found at a neighbourhood shop and my favourite ingredients that I love to use in my cooking.  Ginger is one of the best herb which can be consumed as a delicacy, medicine or herb.  It’s so versatile and as such, used in many Asian cooking.  I personally like to make it into a hot ginger drink when I feel my body lacks energy and full of air. Another favourite ingredient of mine is garlic.  Apart from using garlic to scare away vampires 🙂 I love garlic on almost anything that I cook because of its aromatic smell and flavours.  Star anise is another wonderful herb used a lot in braising or baking.  Its scent and flavours …

{Playing with Food} photography series

Recently I’ve been enchanted with food and photography.  Due to this sudden burst of interest *hubby rolling eyes* – I started to set up my own little “studio” with cheap cardboards, white foam boards and anything that I can salvage from the un-wanted junks in the garage!  Over the weekend, I went to Daiso in Melbourne CBD and manage to salvage some cheap $2.80 plates and cups which will be used in some of my “Playing with food” photography series. This sudden burst of interest doesn’t come overnight.  This thought has been in my head for quite some time and I was more excited and inspired when I encountered some of the best food photography websites like Spicie Foodie, Thyme and Souvlaki for the Soul.  So, yes, a wire just tripped in my head … Part of my weekend project : “Playing with Food” photography series is the first series that logs all my successful and unsuccessful trials to photograph food interestingly.  With my newfound friendships with these blogs couple with their photography tips, I hope …