About the Burp!


Hello, Thank you for reading my humble blog.

The person behind Burp! is Miss moi, Josephine Chan, Malaysian-born-and-bred, currently living in Melbourne.  It is not very difficult to spot someone who’s spent half her life in Malaysia because no matter where we go or stay, well, we just love to blend in with food and eat, and eat, and eat.

“Malaysians eat at least 6 times a day – most of them are mash up of breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea, dinner, supper … and towards a bit later, an unofficial meal that we like to call as mamak!” 

There are a variety of cuisines in Malaysia ranging from hawker-street style food to Chinese, Malay, Indian and upcoming International cuisines.  My beloved mom is a superb cook and she makes mainly Chinese Cantonese and Hakka dishes.  Having lived in Malaysia, Melbourne and travelled well, I’m happy to be able to share (mostly) a variety of Asian and Modern Asian recipes with you.

“Oh, by the way, I have a very very bad habit addiction – I’m a self proclaimed recipe hoarder & cookbook addict.”

Burp! Appetit is created out of my passion for photography, food and family. Being able to share that with you is a great experience.  It was never my intention to start a blog.  As a self-taught home cook who only started cooking 3 years ago by reading cookbooks and watching youtube, I want to let you know that nothing is impossible as long as you believe in yourself and have passion for what you do. 

I’d like to think that my writing and photography has also made you fall in love with food as much as I do.  If you like what you read and see, please drop me a comment (in the comments section below) or just to say Hi (that’ll make me very happy 🙂 ).  Alternatively, come stalk me via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram (yes, I’m a social media whore too!).


Of course, all these will not be possible without the constant critic and positive support from my hubby, my lil’ one and all my readers.  Yes and there’s also my beloved housemate, Bubbles, who not only keeps me company in the kitchen but who also loves to “vacuum” anything and everything that fell on the kitchen floor.

“Cook & serve with lots of ❤️❤️” by Josephine Chan

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  1. Hi Jo! Found your pretty blog when I was googling samba tunis recipe. Glad I found you! ‘Following’ you to see more oof your mouth-watering recipes & photos 🙂

  2. Jo, your photos are gorgeous, that bit about you not being a good photographer is definitely not true! You are better than good in my book! I could learn some tips from you 😀 I love that bit about your “vacuum” I can totally relate to that.

    • Hi Trang, thanks very much for your comments and your encouragement! A lot of reading and looking at other blogs help me to improve. The greatest encouragement is to have readers giving feedback too 🙂

    • Thanks Tony! Am glad you like it. Looking forward for you to try out more recipes and drop me a note if you have suggestions or better way of making them 🙂

  3. Hi Jo, I love reading your blog – in fact my fiance and I are going to use a few of your recipes in our turn of ‘MKR’ style dinner party game against some friends. Our theme is Japanese and I am so glad you have some amazing and delish recipes for us to use – our ‘test kitchen’ thus far has produced some awesome dishes. I’m with on Malaysian food too – we went last year and were in food heaven!!

    • Hi Kristin, thank you so so much for the encouragement. I am very impressed with your idea of MKR style dinner party game and it’s gonna be a blast for you guys! Do share the pics and let me know if it works out fine 🙂

  4. Hi Jo! Just found your blog and fell in love with it at first look, all those awesome food photos! I love getting to know new food cultures and seeing from your background I could learn a lot of interesting things from your blog and recipe so I will be following with lots of curiosity! Have a lovely day!

  5. Becca Lin says

    Hello Jo, I love your site! It is beautiful, full of fabulous ideas, and an inspiration for me 🙂 Thank you for your effort~

  6. Jo, I love your work! I’ve been eyeing your blog for quite some time now, and been a big fan of your posts! 🙂 Your photography is stunning!

    I hope to connect with you on social media, and share our love for food and culture!

    -Kayiu @ Saucy Spatula (New York City)

  7. yvonne kee says

    Love the Ipoh Hor fun recipe. Its as good and satisfiying for a Msian also living in Melbourne.
    Will try your KL Hokkien Mee next. Its my hubby fav and so far did not find the right recipe.

    • Hi Yvonne, thank you so much. As a Malaysian, I always crave for home hawker food and I’m glad that you tried and liked the Hor fun recipe.

  8. This is my first time on your blog and I have been hooked already with your “Oozy Juicy Onde Onde”! I cant wait to try it out 🙂

  9. HELLOOOOoo Jo!
    Can I get in touch about your work and story on you as well as getting you as an expert contributor?

  10. Matt says

    I’m glad I’m not the only cookbook nut around here! 🙂 Your blog looks great!

  11. I’m very new at blogging and so glad I’ve stumbled into this blog. Always good to find people who share the joy of eating and cooking. I can see all the love and care you put into each post. Am especially looking forward to browsing through more of your recipes on Malaysian food. I absolutely love them.

  12. Anonymous says

    Jo your recipes are awesome and the photos are really good too. Every time I read your blog I feel really hungry and can’t wait to try your recipes. Keep up with your blog. You are doing great!

    • Hi Nathalie, thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed. I use Nikon D7000 DSLR with my favourite lens being 35mm or micro 60mm lens depending on what I what to capture.

      Some tips 1) always use natural light i.e. next to window. Use white foam core to bounce or dark boards to create shadows. 2) never use on camera flash 3) Learn to use manual settings on your camera for more flexibility and lastly I “study” a lot of beautiful food photograph on the web and practice always makes perfect 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply Jo! Where would you put the foam board? Parallel or next to the window forming 90degrees angle? Do you have a behind the scene shoot photo? I would love to see it and just in case if you don’t want to publicise it, you can send it to nath_jc@yahoo.com
        Yes, I’ve been using manual mode for quite a few months now and loving it! However, I’m still facing some difficulties when I have to shoot indoor at night in a restaurant.

      • Hi Nathalie, I haven’t got a behind the scene. Next time I’ll send you a few pics to your email 🙂 For placement of the board, it really depends on your light and subject. White board will bounce the light back to the part of the subject where you want less shadow so it’s normally opposite of where your light source is. The same for dark board on where you want the shadows to be. Play around while you’re shooting and you may see the difference.

        If you’re in a restaurant at night – that’s a bit more difficult. Even I have difficulty because they are normally “yellow” light and darkly lit. I’d request to sit on a brightly lit area but that is still a challenge to me up to now.

  13. Hey Jo! I love your site!! It looks fantastic and you have such a great eye for food AND photography! I’m so hungry just looking at your site! =) I’d also love to talk to you about featuring a recipe. Would you shoot me an email? I couldn’t find a contact form on your site. I’m marcia {at} land-of-nosh.com Thanks!!!

  14. So happy to have found your blog! I think I lost my words for a minute when I ate the Roti Sardin in Penang! It was beyond delicious. You got one more follower here!

  15. Hi Josephine, you have a beautiful blog! Your photos are making me drool!! 🙂 Especially love the steamed wontons in chilli broth. I love all Asian food. Happy to have found your blog!

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