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Kimchi Jjigae (Pork & Kimchi Stew)

kimchi jjigae

kimchi jjigae

kimchi jjigae

Soupy.  Hot.  Spicy.  Delicious.  Comforting.  Slurpy.  Sour.

All the goodies in one pot and just perfect for an autumn/winter’s cold night.  That sourness of the cabbage kimchi, added with spiciness of gochujang sauce and sweetness of the pork belly helps to build up a perfectly balanced soupy stew for the whole family to indulge.  Best of all, ingredients can be added or omitted to suit your taste buds.

kimchi jjigae

To save time, I used store-bought kimchi which is as good.  Prep, cut the ingredients and chuck everything into one pot.  All in all, the prepping and cooking time doesn’t take more than 1 hour.  So easy, fast and indulgent.  This is my go-to one-pot stew when I crave for a comfort food.

What’s your comfort food?

kimchi jjigae

Kimchi Jjigae

Serves 2

300 g kimchi (store-bought or home-made), drained & reserve juice
350 g chicken stock
300 g skinless & boneless pork belly, sliced into 2cm pieces
1/2 block silken tofu
3 spring onion, sliced diagonally, reserve some as garnish
1/2 onion, sliced
2 cloves garlic, peeled & minced
1 tsp grated ginger
handful enoki mushrooms, cleaned
2 tbsp gochujang (korean chilli paste)
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 1/2 tbsp light soy sauce
1 1/2 tbsp sake
1 tsp caster sugar

1. Drain tofu and place on 2 pieces of kitchen towel and wrap it up. Place a plate on top of the tofu to press out excess water. Leave it for 15 minutes.  Then slice.

2. Place a clay pot on stove on medium heat.  Heat up sesame oil and fry the sliced pork belly until browned.  Add garlic, ginger, sliced onion and fry until fragrant.  Stir in gochujang, light soy sauce, sake and sugar.  Stir and mix well.

3. Chuck in the drained kimchi (reserve juice), spring onions and enoki mushrooms.  Continue to cook for another 2 minutes.

4. Pour in the chicken stock and (earlier reserved) kimchi juice.  Stir well and bring to a simmer.  Do a simple taste test and adjust sauces accordingly.  Cover and simmer for 10 minutes.

5. Arrange sliced tofu pieces on the top.  Cover and continue to simmer for 20 minutes or until pork belly has soften.  Sprinkle the spring onion garnish on top.  If it’s not spicy enough, you may add chilli flakes.  Serve hot with warm steamed rice.



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