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Baked Shrimp Toast

Baked shrimp toast

baked shrimp toast

Baked shrimp toast

Baked shrimp toast

Baked shrimp toast

Baked shrimp toast

I feel a bit shrimpy these days.  In fact, I feel shrimpy every day and that’s because I love shrimps,  for whatever reasons.  But guess you’d already know that.  Their ugly curved body shape surprisingly has the ability to translate into great flavour when paired with anything, everything.  That’s because with the freshest shrimps (and they come in all shapes and sizes S-M-L-XL), you can absolutely taste their shrimpy sweetness.  So delightful 🙂 , don’t you think?

This is a dim sum favourite…BUT…not my favourite.  WHAT?  Then why bother?

Ok, let me rephrase – it’s not my favourite when it’s served at the dim sum restaurant.  That’s because they literally taste like a bag of grease. I’m serious!  Every mouthful was torture and tasted greasy.  What shrimp? Yea, I can feel the shrimp but I can’t taste it.  All I taste is oil and grease.  No offence to shrimp toast lovers but secretly I was hoping that I got a bad bad batch.  But that was the last batch I’ve tried because from then on, it’s bye bye restaurant-made deep-fried shrimp toast and hello to …

“Baked Shrimp Toast – dehydrated, then baked to golden brown perfection.  Crispy and shrimpy, just the way I like.  Oh, and did I mention – this is a much healthier version too?” 

This method is truly genius because you not only get delicious hors d’oeuvre, great for entertaining but you also get grease free snack bites which is great for all ages, kids including.

Baked Shrimp Toast (adapted from Andrea Nguyen’s Into the Vietnamese Kitchen)

Makes 24 small toasts

6 slices white bread
200 g peeled shrimp, deveined
2 small cloves garlic, minced
1 egg, separate white and yolk
1 tsp corn flour
sprinkles cracked black pepper
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tbsp grapeseed oil
2 tbsp chopped scallion
2 tbsp butter, melted
1/2 tsp water
Toasted sesame seeds

1. Pre-heat the oven to 120 celsius.  Trim the crust from the bread slices and then cut each bread into 4 small squares.  Place the squares on a baking sheet and place into the middle rack to bake.  Bake for 25 – 30 mins until the toast has dehydrated, crispy but not browned.  Remove and set aside to cool.  Increase oven temperature to 180 celsius.

2. Refresh the shrimps by applying a generous amount of salt.  Toss to coat.  Rinse immediately until clean.  Drain and pat dry.  Mix in garlic, pinch of salt, egg white, corn flour, black pepper, sugar and oil. Combine well.  Transfer the mixture into a food processor and pulse into a coarse paste.  Stir in the chopped scallions.

3. Spread melted butter on a baking sheet.  Using an icing spatula, spread a layer of shrimp paste on top of a crisp toast.  The amount spread should be as thick as the toast to balance out the toast/paste ratio and ensure the paste cover all corners.  Arrange the toasts on the baking sheet.

4. In a small bowl, prepare the egg wash by mixing the egg yolk and water together.  Brush the top of the toasts.  Bake for 10 – 15 mins, or until golden brown.  Cool for 5 mins before serving.



  1. Hi Jo! My goodness these look delicious! Shrimp dim sums are my FAVORITE. But you’re right about this one…it tends to be too greasy at most dim sum places. Will have to give this one a try…Gotta go find some plump fresh shrimps first…come to think of it I haven’t had shrimp in quite awhile 😀

    By the way, it’s Cher from Inthefoodlab, but I’ve finally changed my blog name to something more personal. so I’m re-following you on my new account 😉

  2. Ai Ping says

    I’ve never seen this @ dim sums before. A lost lamb. This looks delish. You know I’d add inside? Sambal ikan bilis. :p

    • Hi Ai Ping, this was new to me (and not typically served in Malaysia too) but it’s a hit with all the the other fried dim sums in down under. It’s a great combo though and I’d definitely be considering sambal ikan bilis to give it a Malaysian twist. Great idea!

  3. Great idea for a healthier option, love shrimp/prawn toast but am often put off by the grease! Thanks, Drew

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    • Hi Steve, if you use toasted sesame seeds, then add right before serving. But if you did not toast the sesame seeds, you may add them on top of the egg wash and then bake in the oven.

  5. this looks so good. will give it a try and I agree about it being way too greasy at the dim sum restaurant.
    Thanks again for the recipe. Your blog is awesome!

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