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Easy Lunchbox Idea: Salt-grilled Salmon Onigiri

Salmon onigiri

Salmon onigiri

Salon onigiri

Salmon onigiri

Salmon onigiri

I think I’ve lost something and that’s time! Where have all the time go to these days?  Don’t you reckon that time has gone by without you knowing?  Honestly, I was only aware that we’re just about 60 days away from Christmas (yea! the christmas decors & gift specials are so visible at the malls) and that means it’s bye bye to a beautiful year and hello to another exciting year.

The other day, lil’ one ask me, “Mom, can I bring something else to school?”  I looked at her with blanks on my face, thinking what else can I put into her lunchbox – something quick, delicious and easy to eat.  It’s been such a challenge keeping up with lil’ one’s demands nowadays especially when she’s growing up so fast.  If you know my lil’ one, she’s one of the hardest food critic to please!  But … I know (for sure) she loves salmon, rice and nori and I’ve got a solution for that!

Onigiri (Japanese rice balls) are the perfect lunchbox or to-go food.  They’re healthy, fast, delicious and versatile.  So versatile that you can build your onigiri with a wide range of fillings like salt-grilled salmon, sweet teriyaki chicken, cooked tuna or sour pickled vegetables for vegetarian version.  You may serve onigiri just the way they are or soy sauce-grilled.  Not only that, the recipe is a great way to finish any left-over food from yesterday’s dinner 🙂

So, remember, the next time when you have left-overs, stop! Just whip up these onigiri and voila, your lunch is served.  How easy is that, aye.

Salt-grilled Salmon Onigiri (adapted from Adam Liaw’s Asian Cookery School)

Makes 3-5 triangle pieces

1 cup cooked sushi rice
1 cup leftover salt-grilled salmon, break into pieces
1/2 tsp salt
1 nori sheet, cut into rectangular strips
1/2 cup Toasted white & black sesame seeds
Shichimi togarashi, to serve
Onigiri mold (optional)

1. Cook the sushi rice per instructions on the pack.  Spread cooked rice and gently mix in the salmon pieces and salt, ensuring they are well combined.  Set aside.

2. Take the onigiri mold (if you have) and spoon as much rice/salmon mixture into the hollow end. Gently press the other half into the rice/salmon part to form a beautiful triangle onigiri.  Alternatively, if you don’t have a mold, you can always free-handedly mould them into round rice balls 🙂  Set aside.

3. Spread the toasted sesame seeds on a plate.  Gently place the flat triangle parts on the sesame seeds and repeat on the other side.

4. Wrap them with a rectangle nori sheet and they are ready to-go!



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