Month: September 2015

chicken yakitori

Easy Chicken and Scallion (Negima) Yakitori

Succulent Juicy Sweet Sticky Charred Okay people, let’s admit it, all of us go crazy over bits-on-sticks.  It started with ice-cream and then it went on to savoury stuff.  So, anything and everything that (literally) comes on sticks consistently drive people (like me) nuts. ” Why? I’m not sure really … Because the best food comes on a stick. Period! ”  The bits-on-sticks culture are so commonly found across the globe as street foods – like the best-loved Malaysian satay, succulent juicy Japanese yakitori, addictive Korean Potato stacks, ubiquitous American corn dogs, the spicy creamy Mexican elote or for the daring ones, Chinese scorpion.  There is no shortage of quick, easy and tasty street food around the globe really.  So, be ready to work those dormant muscles when you head to these places. When I say these chicken skewers are too darn delicious, I really really meant it.  I didn’t make a lot but it was so good that everything on the plate was gone in 60 seconds.  At the end, I was left  still wanting more. So, be sure to make …

coconut panna cotta

Coconut & Kaffir Lime Panna Cotta with Strawberry & Lime Syrup and Happy Father’s Day

Let me rejoice by welcoming all my beloved readers to Spring and Father’s Day Down Under-style.  *clap*clap* To be honest with you, Melbourne has a notorious reputation for its changeable weather.  If you are lucky, you may experience 4 seasons in a day. *Rewind* back 2 years ago, to a beautiful hot summer day in St Kilda, a seaside town not far away from the CBD.  That day was a perfect summer day – sunny clear blue skies and gentle sea breeze.  What a great way to spend our time out door, don’t you think? However, barely an hour has passed, that summer breeze turned chilly.  I looked down towards my shadow and they were disappearing quickly.  Up in the sky, dark clouds quickly took over the clear blue sky.  It felt like an armageddon’s coming our way (so like the movie!).  What was supposed to be a beautiful sunny day has turned dark, gloomy, windy and cold.  Temperature dipped by 15 points in just 30 quick minutes.  Suddenly, it was winter again! So, that sums up how quirky Melbourne’s …

Tomato sauce prawns

Tomato Sauce Prawns

Have you ever been to a Chinese tai-chow (wok fry) restaurant while you’re in Malaysia or Singapore?  If you have, you’ll definitely click with what I’m talking about.  There’s no air like those you find in an upmarket place.  Basically, you get what you see and it’s all about good casual honest simple food serve on cheap aluminium plates. The prawn dish represents all that I’m missing from Chinese tai-chow dinners.  We have a few favourite Chinese tai-chow restaurants that we always go and if my dad likes it, he will return week over week over week…  My dad, particularly, has (super) high standards on quality and flavour.  I’m glad I take after dad’s foodie blood 🙂 So, if you ever go to Malaysia or Singapore, you must eat at these restaurants because I’m very very sure, you will like them a lot.  It’s very easy to spot the exceptionally good ones, because well, they are always pumped with diners and queues of a mile long. The tomato sauce prawns is a memorable dish to me because it transported me back to Malaysia.  When making the dish, you must keep the prawn shells …