Month: August 2014



I love everything that spells noodles.  Fast to cook, furiously versatile and kids just love it.  My love affair with noodles began when I had my first set of baby teeth.  I recalled my first plate of plain noodles was so enjoyable and that relationship with noodles was passed on to my lil’ one.  She had the same expression after tasting her first plate of noodles.  They are also my life-saviour when I was staying on my own in uni.  I didn’t know how to cook then and packet noodles (although unhealthy) was my go-to meal for breakfast, lunch, breakfast or supper. There are so many variations of noodles – from Malaysian favourites like hokkien mee, wan tan mee to Japanese udon to Italian pasta to Korean noodles. Japchae is a Korean dish made from sweet potato noodles and stir-fry with mixed vegetables and various type of meats. Cooked to the right texture and you’ll get chewy and springy textured noodles.  The noodles are cooked separately in boiling hot water until al dante.  The rest of the ingredients are stir-fried separately. …

Green tea ice-cream

Green tea (Matcha) Ice-cream

Ice-cream.  One of the tastiest creation in the world that makes people happy and for some, really really happy.  Since I’ve bought my Cuisinart Ice-cream maker (finally fulfilled one of the items on my wish list and it’s PINK!), I have joined the really really happy people 🙂 I dare say that of all the kitchen equipments that I have bought, this is one of them that I’ll use constantly without being reminded LOL.  Hubby will agree with me on this as he’s given me his order list and that’ll keep my weekends busy the next few weeks 🙂 To grace the opening ceremony of my ice-cream maker, I asked my lil’ one what flavour would she like me to make first.  Her response was green tea (matcha) with a big smile on her face.  I couldn’t agree more because it’s also my favourite flavour too. Authentic-tasting green tea ice-cream is hard to find these days.  Most of the green tea ice-creams I’ve eaten are too creamy and lack that bitterness flavour profile of green tea.  According to Nami from Just …

School prawns

Crispy School Prawns with Chilli-salt

Last weekend, I was doing my usual market visit and came back with a huge bag of fresh school prawns.  When cooking seafood, I prefer to cook it while it’s still fresh because once the seafood has been thawed, it changes the texture. Don’t be fooled by the size of these babies – like they always say “Good things come in small packages” – with a little bit of seasoning and deep frying, they are deliciously crisp and very very addictive.  Forget about cholesterol for now and bring on the icy beer 😉 School prawns generally taste sweeter compare to larger prawns.  Usually eaten whole with shell et all.  All methods of cooking are suitable for school prawns but most often, they are deep-fried – which is the method I liked best. Truly a beer’s best friend. School Prawns with Chilli Salt Serves 3-4 (as snack, accompanied by beer) Ingredients: 200g fresh school prawns Vegetable oil, for deep-frying 1/2 lemon 1 tsp chilli flakes 1 tbsp sea salt Method: 1. Prepare the chilli salt first.  Mix both chilli flakes and …

Cream puffs with chantilly cream

Cream Puffs with Chantilly Cream

Baking to me is a scary thing.  Maybe because I’m totally hopeless with measurements and have a limited capacity of patience. Ha Ha.  That’s why I have a very strong admiration and respect for bakers.  To all the bakers out there, “Continue what you are doing because baking is great!” This is my third attempt at baking with the first on Japanese Chiffon Cheesecake, then followed by Red Velvet Cupcake. So far, I have been a good girl by following the cardinal rules of baking and the results have been satisfactory. Cream puffs have been my favourite shopping centre snack.  Never missed giving them a bite because of the delicious cream that goops out when bitten into.  But why pay when you can make this at home and enjoy with tea and coffee 🙂 So, it was from the addictively superb cooking show, Masterchef Australia, that I found Choux pastry or classically known as Choux bun is the culinary challenge du jour and a very technical skill to perfect at home! I think this is a myth that all pastry chefs …

Burp! has undergone surgery

Hi everyone…if you check out Burp! today, you will notice that Burp! has gone through some strip and surgery.  Eyup, clutter is out, minimalist is in and Burp! has undergone some transformation. I hope you will like my new look and continue to check out the postings.  Looking forward to hear more from you 🙂 Ciao.

Kyoto pork ribs

Kyoto Pork Ribs (Qing Do Pai Gu)

First of all, this ain’t a dish from Kyoto, Japan.  And secondly, I surely do not know why they call it Kyoto pork ribs.  But what I am very sure of is that this dish  is super super delicious especially the sweet caramelisation of the sauce that wraps around the pork.  Recipe is adapted from I eat I shoot I post and there is also some explanation about this dish in the website if you are interested to know more. Honestly, I think the dish should be called Kyoto Pork Loin because this part of the meat is being used.  But calling a dish with the word “loin” doesn’t really sound appetising 😉 So, best to stick with its original name.  Pork loin is that part of the meat still attached to the bone and can be easily purchased from your local butcher’s.  You’ll also need a meat tenderizer to pound the meat so it becomes bouncy and juicy. The original recipe also calls for rose wine to be added to the dish at the end to create …