Salmon Sushi and sashimi

{Recipe} Salmon Sa-sushi-mi

Do you know why the Japanese invented Japanese mayo, Kewpie?  Because fresh fish and Kewpie Japanese mayo are really the only two things you need in your fridge and pantry to create a simple delicious quick lunch.  Australia is truly blessed with fresh foods from the sea […]

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Vanilla bean ice cream

{Recipe} Creamy Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream

You all know that I’ve recently got an ice-cream maker! Yay baby – an ice-cream maker (a big strike through on my wish list).  To honour my new ice-cream maker, I made my lil’ one’s favourite Green Tea ice-cream which, was a huge hit with the family. […]

Bang bang Chicken salad

{Recipe} Bang Bang Chicken Salad

Bang Bang (my baby shot me down) was by far one of the coolest song I’ve ever heard.  When a cool song like that appeared in the OST of the coolest and bloodiest Quentin Tarantino’s movie, “Kill Bill” – that’s a pretty awesome nasty combo, right?  Making […]


{Recipe} Japchae

I love everything that spells noodles.  Fast to cook, furiously versatile and kids just love it.  My love affair with noodles began when I had my first set of baby teeth.  I recalled my first plate of plain noodles was so enjoyable and that relationship with noodles was […]

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Green tea ice-cream

{Recipe} Green tea (Matcha) Ice-cream

Ice-cream.  One of the tastiest creation in the world that makes people happy and for some, really really happy.  Since I’ve bought my Cuisinart Ice-cream maker (finally fulfilled one of the items on my wish list and it’s PINK!), I have joined the really really happy […]

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Burp! has undergone surgery

Hi everyone…if you check out Burp! today, you will notice that Burp! has gone through some strip and surgery.  Eyup, clutter is out, minimalist is in and Burp! has undergone some transformation. I hope you will like my new look and continue to check out […]

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Sriracha honey lime chicken

{Recipe} Sriracha Honey Lime Chicken

Ok, so what do you do when you have some left-over chicken, some spring onions, honey and your faithful Sriracha sauce? Fear not, because the dish that you’re about to create is so easy to make and ultra delicious to taste.  With its sweet, spicy and little […]